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Tamper proof documents

We secure documents content by making them tamper-proof, immutable and make them easily verifiable on the blockchain

Use Cases


Prove that the signer/sender was in possession of that document at a point in time.

Academic diploms

Prove the existence of a document with a particular content, emitted by a specific issuer


Reduce prescriptions frauds in the supply chain between doctors, patients and pharmacist


Secure all kind of financial report: public debt record, credit report, …¬†

Our mission

We aim to secure all kind of digital documents

The United Nations estimates that identity fraud alone costs $7,600 billion at global level! 50% of all cases of document fraud involve the use of fake identities, 30% entail identity theft, and 20% involve substitution.

eCertify aim to change that for electronic documents by applying Blockchain technology.


Our product

Select a document you want to certify or timestamp forever on Ethereum blockchain.

Drag and drop or upload the document into the verification tool to calculate its unique fingerprint and match it with the blockchain immutable state to verify its authenticity.

"Forged documents are altered originals produced by adding, removing or substituting relevant information or features, for example a modified check amount, an imitated signature on a contract, altered passport or gift certificate, altered payment card or credit card."

"Counterfeited documents are documents that are reproduced as originals. The entire document is a fake, e.g. counterfeited banknotes, bonds, checks, vouchers, driving licenses, lottery and admission tickets, stamps, certificates etc. If the reproduction is made by using materials and procedures which do not correspond to the original, the counterfeit is called an imitation."

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Disruptr GmbH operates eCertify as a Software as a service (SaaS) solution.